Sizzlin’ Summer Series: PART 2


Sizzlin’ Summer Series: PART 2

The official start of Summer – June 21st – is right around the corner. As we cruise into part two or our Sizzlin’ Summer Series, we will make a splash with the best cities to retire in 2019. Here come the Top 4 cities to retire.

Best Cities to Retire

  1. Independence, Kentucky

Ranked the 31st safest city in the U.S., Independence, Kentucky offers everything you can expect from a larger city, with a quaint feeling of an upscale suburban atmosphere. However its centralized location between two large metropolitan areas, Independence offers a mild climate with extremes of the ’20s and ’80s and a vast landscape of trees and greenery. Top it off with Kentucky’s retirement-friendly tax structure that does not tax Social Security benefits and has little to no tax impact on other retirement income sources, you can see why this was one of the top places to retire in 2019.

  1. Little Elm, Texas

The first thing to note about Little Elm, Texas is there is nothing little about this city bustling with activities and sites to see.  Therefore, this 22nd safest city in the nation – according to, a retirement news source – surrounds 29,000 acres of the well-known Lewisville Lake and offers a lush landscape. For those who enjoy weather that never goes below freezing and sees the highest temperatures in the 90’s, Little Elm is a fantastic retirement option. Throw in no tax on social security, retirement income or state income tax, and things are looking even better. Did we mention the nationally ranked UT Southwestern Medical Center is minutes away in Dallas?

  1. Iowa City, Iowa

Coming in at the #1 on Milken Institute’s list of best cities to retire is Iowa City, Iowa. Out of the total population of 158,370, roughly 11% make of the 65 and older demographic. This along with a low unemployment rate and strong small business growth make Iowa City a top choice when retiring in the U.S. Milken Institute also ranks Iowa City #1 in healthcare for small cities. Whether you want to be within walking distance to downtown or enjoy small-town living, Iowa City is a great place to discover.

  1. Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

In conclusion Bethel Park, Pennsylvania is on last on the list of the best cities to retire. This city is positioned on the Blue and Red Lines of the Pittsburgh Port Authority. This allows easy access to South Park and Pittsburgh without the need to drive. In addition to having UPMC Hospital- ranked #11 in geriatric care in the U.S. Bethel Park also offers retirees no Social Security Benefits tax and a few options for property tax rebates. In addition, those who like being minutes away from outdoor activities, Bethel Park contains a 2,013-acre section of South Park. This park is bustling with community events, Golf, ice-rink, hiking trails, historic buildings and more.

If you are nearing retirement there are a plethora of places in the United States that offer opportunities when considering retirement. Next time we will take a dip into the final installment of our Summer Series! Tune in Next Month to see how we’re keeping your summer sizzlin’ and cool!

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